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Vehicle Service Contract Programs

Vehicle Service Contract Programs

OwnerGUARD’s Vehicle Service Contract programs offer stated coverage, exclusionary and wrap plans for both franchised and independent dealerships.

For complete coverage details including available surcharges, exclusions and eligibility guidelines, please contact us or your local representative.

3 Months / 3,000 Miles At No Additional Cost to the Consumer

The PowerGUARD program provides a competitive advantage in marketing pre-owned vehicles, giving customers the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a no-cost protection program. Expanded coverage plans (EliteGUARD or PremiumGUARD) that "wraps" around the PowerGUARD coverage can be offered for those customers wanting additional protection. Must be included on all eligible vehicles.

Eligibility, coverage plans and deductible...

Pre-Owned Vehicle Mechanical Protection

Our basic or entry level program is designed to provide flexible coverage options at value price points for those customers who want to make sure that the major parts and components of their pre-owned vehicle are covered, but with the budget in mind. The coverage can be offered with day one coverage or a waiting period.

Eligibility, coverage plans and deductible...

No Year or Mileage Restriction Mechanical Protection

Comprehensive coverage, with very competitive pricing, marketability, and ease of use in one package. Designed to include stated coverage plans for six to fifteen major component areas of a pre-owned vehicle, with the luxury of not having year or mileage restrictions.

Eligibility, coverage plans and deductible...

Comprehensive Mechanical Protection

Our signature program offering the finest coverage available with the most comprehensive plans providing worry-free protection for new and pre-owned vehicles from "stated component coverage" to "exclusionary" and "wrap" plans for virtually every part of the vehicle.

Eligibility, coverage plans and deductible...

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