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OwnerGUARD sponsored legislation to restore deductible coverage for GAP waivers in California signed by governor.

"I think it showed that, when you have an issue that affects consumers and you have a company like OwnerGUARD step up to the plate, that things can be fixed ... And if a similar situation comes up in other states, the industry now has some legislative history in California to work with." - Michelle Dicks, General Counsel, OwnerGUARD

May 10, 2011 - SACRAMENTO, CA - Governor Brown signed AB 125, a bill sponsored by OwnerGUARD, to allow a GAP waiver to cover the deductible. The bill contained an urgency clause and was chaptered into law on May 10, 2011. The law is effective immediately. From now on, California consumers who purchase GAP waivers have coverage for their deductible.

The bill was unanimously approved by Senate Insurance committee on April 13, and likewise unanimously approved by the full Senate on April 25. This follows unanimous votes by the Assembly insurance committee and the full Assembly. With the unanimous support of both houses and the governor’s signature, consumers should feel confident that the legislature supports the benefits that GAP waivers offer.

OwnerGUARD is grateful for the assistance of the trade organizations it belongs to for their support of this bill: Consumer Credit Industry Association (CCIA), Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance (GAPA) and the American Financial Services Association (AFSA).

March 10, 2011 – SACRAMENTO, CA – The legislation that OwnerGUARD sponsored to restore deductible coverage under California GAP contracts is moving quickly. The bill was heard in the Assembly Insurance Committee on March 2, 2011. The Assembly Insurance committee voted to pass the bill unanimously, in a 10-0 vote. Then the bill headed to the Assembly floor. The bill was heard on the Assembly floor on March 10, 2011. The bill passed in another unanimous vote, 69-0.

The bill is now headed for the California Senate. The goal is to have a hearing in the Senate Banking Committee in mid-March. Hopefully, the Senate will act quickly and pass the legislation, so that California consumers will again have deductible coverage on GAP contracts.
February 2011, SACRAMENTO, CA – A California Assembly Bill was introduced by the Committee on insurance. For the full story click here.

Bill Information:
Chaptered Bill

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