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We maintain an ongoing commitment to the development of new technology to make our programs more effective and successful, while allowing you to remain in the forefront of the financial services market.

Access the eTools you need to help grow and manage your business. Our web-based system is built on a hierarchical structure that this 100% scalable to any organization’s size and complexity including dealer groups, central business offices, varied levels of permissions and more.

Online Speed
  • View VSC plans and surcharges by entering just VIN and mileage.
  • Utilize our streamlined eContracting process to quickly create GAP, VSC and TLP contracts simultaneously and with minimal data entry.
  • Always print the most current forms. Always remit the correct rate.
  • Real-time reporting tracks your company's business electronically.
  • Check status for contract activation, cancellation and claims.

Internal Efficiency
  • All faxes are received electronically and pushed through a paperless workflow. This ensures that an accurate digital file is retained for each account.
  • Our telephone system monitors waiting time, and routes in-bound calls to the next available representative to ensure your calls are handled efficiently.